Friday, May 1, 2009

Health & Wealth Report

May 1st, 2009 - Friday

Health Report:

My training has been coming along quite well. I quit my part-time job just last week which has freed up a lot more time for me to work on building my home based business with Isagenix, and to work out and train for races and triathlons. Although the one downside is that I need a bike, helmet, shoes, and wetsuit (which I can get all for about $1,000 on a really great deal!) to participate in these triathlons that I'm training for! Ha ha.

Yesterday I hiked the "Y" in Provo and my round-trip time was 28:41. I'll be doing that hike more often, about once a week and trying to improve that time. I hike up as fast as possible, and then pretty much run down the whole way assisted by gravity, of course. It's a great workout on the Quad's though, which usually don't get much from regular running. For those that know about running, when you run backwards it's a good way to work the quad's, but running down a mountain accomplishes the same task!

Today I did my 800 Meter swim in 39:46. Very exciting to me, considering my time a month ago was 46:30. Gold's Gym in Orem and also the Provo Recreation Center are great pools for training for the swim. Both are 25 M pools.

Since I don't have a good bike, I pulled out my rusty old beat-down huffy mountain bike and am getting it in riding condition so I can at least start biking to work. This cuts down on gas ($) and saves the environment, so it'll be good. Plus, lugging that heavy bike around is sure to be a great morning workout!

I created a exercise training schedule for the month which involves a lot of cross training with swim, bike, run, other cardio measures like stair stepper and eliptical trainers, as well as weight training for upper and lower body, including kettlebell workouts, and calisthenics like pull-ups and push-ups too! I think that'll really keep me on track.

Wealth Report:

The business is coming along well. My mentor, Sean Escobar, continues to remind me to take things slow and just keep working on it. You may have to talk to hundreds of people to find that one special business-builder to join your team. Currently I am working with Carol (who is in my upline) and Mitsy (who is in my downline) as they are both motivated to build their Isagenix business and be on their way to residual income! We are doing well, and will be hosting a home party at my house on May 14th @ 6:30 pm.

I really just started focusing on building this business in March. I signed up 8 people in March, and really got addicted to helping people out with their health and wellness goals, which seems to mostly be about losing weight. In March I generated no cycles, but got paid quite well on Product Introduction Bonuses. This was also the month that I launched my website which is the first time I've ever done all my own website building. It's a lot of fun to do.

Last month (April) I generated 3 cycles - a monthly record for me, and re-earned my "paid as consultant" status - a good start. I signed up 6 people in April, and I've been able to get my product for free as well as have a little extra cash on the side, and that's a great start! Also I started an "ad campaign" on Yahoo and will see if that does anything to help with the business. I will report on that in time.

I have now personally enrolled 21 people, 2/3 of which was in the last 60 days! There are 60 people under me, of which only 1/3 did I personally enroll, which shows that others in my up & downline are working the business too, and that is great news! So you can see how much more work I've been putting into my business.

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