Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May's Workout Calendar

I had a request to post my workouts so other's can see what I do. I figure that's a cool thing to do, and maybe I'll post one for June once I get that organized too.

It's kind of hard to read. Maybe I'll have to find a better way to post this for next time. There are a lot of days left blank...early in the month I caught some really bad 24-hour flu bug that just about killed me. However, I recovered in about two days, and then took a few days to just eat and slowly nurse myself back to full-recovery before hitting the work-outs again. The exercise has been great, my energy has been amazing, and my recoveries are so quick thanks to "Ionix Supreme."

That product is one of my favorite that is offered through Isagenix as it helps me to get recovered so quickly from work outs and keeps me energized like you wouldn't believe! But what can you expect? It's got so many wonderful ingredients in it such as: wolfberry, amla-berry, blueberry, watermelon and many other extracts of natural fruits from around the world that most people have never heard of, like Hibiscus flower extract, Harada fruit, bamboo stem, and georgian snow rose! I's just loaded with energy!

My brother Jeremiah has been doing "Crossfit" which a lot of people have heard of. That is a crazy workout. I've been a P90X man, which I swear by, but I may give this whole crossfit thing another look-sie. I love cross-training and incorporating new work-outs all the time and I already do kettlebells, which is a mainstay of the crossfit training program.

Anyway, no races this month simply due to $$. I'm not going to be able to do the Salem Sprint-Triathlon but there will be others...and I'll be ready!! We will be signing up for the Disneyland half marathon in September for which I'll be running a 5K and a 1/2 marathon!

Also, to add here, I did build a pull-up bar in my back yard this month and it's awesome. Everytime I walk by, I throw a few pull-ups in! It's motivating!

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