Monday, June 1, 2009

Health & Wealth Report - I Owe it All to Cleansing!!

June 1st, 2009 - Monday

WOW!! What a great month, things have just really been rolling and it's been such a blessing. It's a slow build-up...but a build-UP is better than anything going DOWN! First...the Health report...then the wealth Report.


Things have been great, and I've been feeling amazing! I've gotten my 1/2 mile swim down to a time of 19:30!! Considering I started out around 40 minutes, this is a huge feat that I've accomplished. I was not able to do the Salem Sprint Triathlon that I wanted to do, but I'm staying on top of my training so that I'll be ready when the right opportunity presents itself for me!

I'm going to be running in a Relay Race called the Wasatch Back - Ragnar Relay. I have three different legs of different distances, but I think I only do a total of 18 miles. The race goes from Logan, UT to Park City, UT and should be a lot of fun!!

I'm officially registered for the Disneyland 5K on 9/3 and the 1/2 Marathon on 9/4. Annette will also be running the 5K and Ethan will be running a 200M dash! It's going to be a great family vacation, centered around fitness and fun!

"P90X - Ab Ripper"

I started this month off great with a big run up Rock Canyon. I ran up for 30 minutes as far as I could, stopping only minimally. It's uphill all the way. Then a nice run back down! We also hit up Gold's Gym today, where I got in that nice 800M swim!

So, overall, Health is great! No weight gains or losses to report, just maintaining quite well and building my mental and physical endurance. Haven't been sick or felt groggy since that 24 hour bug I had about a month ago.


Things have been SO great and the business is coming along well! If you've read my previous posts you'll see I generated 0 cycles in March, 3 in April, and I just did 8 cycles in May!!! WOW! It's awesome, and I hope to keep this pace up!

I personally enrolled 4 new associates in May, which is awesome, brining my total personally enrolled associates to 25...but the best part is that one of them already became a Consultant! Cherise has done amazing and has already signed up 3 people herself!! Go Cherise!! Her sister, Lindsey, is also interested in doing the business and has created an amazing blog of her super-awesome results on the product!

I believe I started the month of May with 60 people under me, and today there are 80! That's a growth of 20 in just 30 days! Things have really been moving and people have been working hard and sharing these amazing products like crazy!

I know that the growth will continue and I look forward to the day that I can look back on this blog and laugh at the memories of growing my business to something amazing!